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Feedback from Parents who have accessed aromatherapy  at Saturday Club

F had the most positive experience during her sessions with you - it was a joy to see her visibly relax during each massage.  For a little girl who rarely sits still it was amazing to watch as she lay back and just relaxed, for once, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the massage.  F has hugely benefited from the sessions in that even at home she will now have some relaxing time, usually after her bath, where she lies on her towel and has her legs, feet or back massaged.  It gets her nice and calm for bedtime and it means that dad and I benefit too!


Thanks Eileen - we've all learned a lot from your sessions.




Using the Aromatherapy service that you provide at Toy Library for the first time provoked much anxiety in my child. Throughout the session, he displayed violent and challenging behaviour and continuous spitting both at Eileen and myself. These behaviours are normal to what he displays in any new activity and were certainly not unique to this session. I wanted to persevere as I knew that it would be hugely beneficialfor him past the "new"stage.


Eileen was fully supportive throughout, not only to B but to me also. Afterwards I felt Eileen drew on her wealth of experience and offered another appointment for the following session to allow B to build up a trusting relationship with her...this was 90% better than the first session!


Further to all the support we were offered, Eileen suggested a Workshop that would provide some basic skills to use throughout the summer holidays. Eileen was accomodating of parents needs in this setting this up and rearranged the dates on several occasions to accommodate all. I was very grateful and took part in a very relaxed and informative workshop.


Thank you for your help and support