Newcastle Toy & Leisure Library

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Saturday Club


Newcastle Toy Library offers a safe and stimulating environment where children with special needs and their families can access play and leisure activities.
We aim to be sensitive to the needs of all families who use our services. This club is currently running at full capacity with lots of families attending regularly.  However, we do still have new families on our waiting list, which still highlights the growing need for our service.

Activities And Services

  • Therapy
  • Sporting Group
  • Art/Craft Activities
  • Play Activities
  • School Holiday Activities
  • Multi-Sensory Sessions
  • Toy & Equipment Loan Service
  • Support & Information For Families
  • Children's changing facilities are available.
  • Refreshments - Juice, Tea, Coffee and Healthy Snacks are available throughout the session.


Sporting Group

The new sporting group has been very successful with 15 children and young people regularly deciding each week what sporting activity they would like to do, such as dodge ball, quick cricket, tag rugby and an assault course.  We have recently purchased some new equipment for this group i.e. golf, hockey sets.

Multi-sensory room

This fabulous facility is still very popular, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment, in contrast to the busy Saturday Club.  Here children and young people can access a wide range of sensory equipment however this room can only be used with a trained member of staff. 
Once again, our thanks to Hadrian School for allowing us to use this wonderful specialised facility.

Membership Fees

Annual Family Membership £35.00

Sportiing Group £2.00 per session



The Group has a collective responsibility to ensure that our practise is safe.

  • Parents/Carers are responsible for their own children at all times.
  • Parents must sign in on arrival and out on leaving, for emergency procedure purposes.
  • For health reasons we operate a no smoking policy.
  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Personal belongings are your own responsibilities.
  • Hot drinks must stay in the refreshment room, do not carry them or leave unattended.
  • All accidents must be reported to staff and recorded in the accident book.
  • Children's changing facilities are available.