Newcastle Toy & Leisure Library

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Group Toy Loan

Membership Guideline

There is a charge for groups, £50.00 per year.

Where are we?

Most of our toys are stored at the Newcastle Toy Library office at Hadrian School, Bertram Crescent. Free parking is available in visitor's car park.

How can I borrow?

You can ring the office on 0191 2386303 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make an appointment or speak to a family worker during a toy library session.

What sort of toys & equipment can I borrow?

Categories available:

Loan Conditions

Each toy will be coded.
Groups can borrow up to 8 toys or 1 sensory kit for up to one school term.
Popular toys can be reserved.
Please take care of toys including any packaging, box or bag.

Breakage Policy

Ideally Newcastle Toy Library would like not to have to make charges for damaged toys etc, as we aware that most breakages are not deliberate.  However as there is an increased pressure on resources we feel we need to recuperate some monies to go towards replacing the damaged item.

Below are guidelines for charging for breakages:

1) If a toy etc is damaged and has become unusable a charge will be made.  It will be based on the replacement cost of the toy. A charge of 50% will be made, e.g. a half of the cost.

For example: for a toy costing £5.00 to buy, charge of £2.50 would be levied.

For a toy costing £100.00 to buy a charge of £50.00 would be levied.

2) If a toy is damaged but can still be played with e.g. an animal missing from a toy farm, or a racing car etc, then we will request a donation to the toy budget.

It is stressed however that the above are guidelines and we are aware that not everyone will be financially able to pay fines of 50%.  If you have any worries or concerns please get in touch on 0191 2386303.


Please return all toys loaned on time but if you can't please let us know in case anyone has reserved that toy.
If you have difficulties returning any toys/equipment then please contact us to arrange collection.

Toy Safety

We ensure that all toys will be in good condition and have a full set of instructions where appropriate.
For safety reasons please ensure that toys borrowed are for your child's personal use.

Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any misuse of any toys or equipment.