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Saturday Club Feedback

I would like to thank you all so much for all the support that you have given our family over the last 6 years. You have given S the opportunity to try new things, to grow and play in an environment where he hasn't been judged. You have supported his brothers and me through some very tricky times. You have been a life saver in the holidays - 3 head strong boys with their own wants and needs is a hard one to juggle. It has been a great opportunity to meet other parents and know that your’e not on your own. I look at S now and it is hard to remember the little boy when he first came who hardly said a word, couldn't settle at anything for long and frequently had tantrums. Now he is so confident, a bright spark and a bossy boots and never shuts up. I apologize for him taking over the raffle draw at Christmas - over excitement, but it is only at the Toy Library that everyone would just accept it and laugh and let them do it. That is how special the place is.

S is sad that he is 'moving on', but is really keen to come and say goodbye and thank you to everyone.