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The Swimathon was a huge success, it was a great day and everyone who came along to swim and support us had lots of fun.

Josef Craig came along to open the event, he brought along his Olympic Gold Medal, we had a chance to have our pictures taken with him and his medal!! Charlie Charlton our lovely patron came along to support us too and interviewed Josef. The interview was aired on the BBC breakfast show on Monday morning.

A massive thank you to all of the children and parents who swam for us, our aim was to swim the equivalent of the English Channel - 1351.5 lengths but we actually did twice that amount so swam to France and back to England in a couple of hours between us - which is an amazing achievement.

We are going to use the sponsorship money that has been raised to go towards our Summer Program. We will let you know our final total soon.

Thank you also to Nestle,Tesco, Marks and Spencer, and Wilkinson's and Northumbria Water who all supported us with donations.

Here are some amazing photo's taken on the day - Enjoy.