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Family Toy Loan


Completing the Quality Assurance Award has provided a great opportunity to re-evaluate this service and look at ways of providing a more user friendly approach.  As a result the service has been streamlined to provide more good quality toys and equipment. The presentation and signage has also been improved considerably especially with the introduction of our new assorted toy bags with our own logo.  

Once again this year, Children in Need funding has been an invaluable contribution to this part of the service.  As always, special consideration is taken to source new and relevant sensory and switch-adapted toys.  These changes have naturally seen an increase in toy loans and the feedback has all been very positive from our families.

We still currently have over 100 members on our database which also include groups, such as the Child Development Centre at the RVI and Bridgewater Community Nursery, Stepping Stones Nursery (Thomas Bewick School).

We have continued to work closely with other professionals, such as health visitors, physiotherapist and specialist community play workers.


Under 5's Group

Funded By




The Newcastle Toy Library under 5’s Group offers a safe and stimulating environment in which your child can learn and develop through play.

Families have the opportunity to meet in a friendly informal environment with organised play activities to meet the diverse needs of our members.

Over the past year we have successfully introduced a visual timetable using PECS (symbols for visual communication) which has become a valuable tool to use within the under 5's group.


Outreach Service



Outreach Service (toy/equipment delivery, home based play sessions and information)

Home visits have become an important part of our service and a vital link to many of our families with pre school children, many of whom have complex developmental or medical needs. Sessions are adapted to meet the individual needs of the child with siblings often included.

Families also have the opportunity to consult with the family worker about adapting play sessions and can borrow suitable specialist toys or sensory equipment. Family workers can also help signpost families to other organisations or services available in their local community.

Referral for this service is often initially made by other professionals, but families who have difficulty accessing other Toy Library sessions can request this service. We currently have a  waiting list, if you would like to access this service for your pre-school child please contact Heather Taylor on 0191 2386303 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Group Toy Loan

Membership Guideline

There is a charge for groups, £50.00 per year.

Where are we?

Most of our toys are stored at the Newcastle Toy Library office at Hadrian School, Bertram Crescent. Free parking is available in visitor's car park.

How can I borrow?

You can ring the office on 0191 2386303 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make an appointment or speak to a family worker during a toy library session.

What sort of toys & equipment can I borrow?

Categories available:

Loan Conditions

Each toy will be coded.
Groups can borrow up to 8 toys or 1 sensory kit for up to one school term.
Popular toys can be reserved.
Please take care of toys including any packaging, box or bag.

Breakage Policy

Ideally Newcastle Toy Library would like not to have to make charges for damaged toys etc, as we aware that most breakages are not deliberate.  However as there is an increased pressure on resources we feel we need to recuperate some monies to go towards replacing the damaged item.

Below are guidelines for charging for breakages:

1) If a toy etc is damaged and has become unusable a charge will be made.  It will be based on the replacement cost of the toy. A charge of 50% will be made, e.g. a half of the cost.

For example: for a toy costing £5.00 to buy, charge of £2.50 would be levied.

For a toy costing £100.00 to buy a charge of £50.00 would be levied.

2) If a toy is damaged but can still be played with e.g. an animal missing from a toy farm, or a racing car etc, then we will request a donation to the toy budget.

It is stressed however that the above are guidelines and we are aware that not everyone will be financially able to pay fines of 50%.  If you have any worries or concerns please get in touch on 0191 2386303.


Please return all toys loaned on time but if you can't please let us know in case anyone has reserved that toy.
If you have difficulties returning any toys/equipment then please contact us to arrange collection.

Toy Safety

We ensure that all toys will be in good condition and have a full set of instructions where appropriate.
For safety reasons please ensure that toys borrowed are for your child's personal use.

Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any misuse of any toys or equipment.


Saturday Club


Newcastle Toy Library offers a safe and stimulating environment where children with special needs and their families can access play and leisure activities.
We aim to be sensitive to the needs of all families who use our services. This club is currently running at full capacity with lots of families attending regularly.  However, we do still have new families on our waiting list, which still highlights the growing need for our service.

Activities And Services

  • Therapy
  • Sporting Group
  • Art/Craft Activities
  • Play Activities
  • School Holiday Activities
  • Multi-Sensory Sessions
  • Toy & Equipment Loan Service
  • Support & Information For Families
  • Children's changing facilities are available.
  • Refreshments - Juice, Tea, Coffee and Healthy Snacks are available throughout the session.


Sporting Group

The new sporting group has been very successful with 15 children and young people regularly deciding each week what sporting activity they would like to do, such as dodge ball, quick cricket, tag rugby and an assault course.  We have recently purchased some new equipment for this group i.e. golf, hockey sets.

Multi-sensory room

This fabulous facility is still very popular, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment, in contrast to the busy Saturday Club.  Here children and young people can access a wide range of sensory equipment however this room can only be used with a trained member of staff. 
Once again, our thanks to Hadrian School for allowing us to use this wonderful specialised facility.

Membership Fees

Annual Family Membership £35.00

Sportiing Group £2.00 per session



The Group has a collective responsibility to ensure that our practise is safe.

  • Parents/Carers are responsible for their own children at all times.
  • Parents must sign in on arrival and out on leaving, for emergency procedure purposes.
  • For health reasons we operate a no smoking policy.
  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Personal belongings are your own responsibilities.
  • Hot drinks must stay in the refreshment room, do not carry them or leave unattended.
  • All accidents must be reported to staff and recorded in the accident book.
  • Children's changing facilities are available.
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